Our Team

David Gaz


Michael Newman


Konan Hauser

Chief Operating Officer

Martin Fuks

Chief Technology Officer

Sunny Ryoo

Executive Creative Director/Partner

Alexia Bregman

Director of Marketing

Jennifer Reed

Creative Director

Andre Lawless

Director of Marketing


Al Cattabiani

Senior Advisor

Michael Williams

Creative Director/Imagista

Tyler Vaughn

Director of Content

Alex Afshari

Head of Maintenance Department

Abby Kase

Project Manager

Becka Sheranian

Project Manager

Trine Karve

Project Manager

Julia Rexon

Project Manager

And the ones who do the real work…

Everyone has Fortune 500 and Big brand Experience. Everyone on our team is a specialist. Aaron, Alex, Josh, Ted, Nazely and Matt are responsible for the amazing design you see (the bad stuff is from David). Igor, Marius and Luis are the engineers responsible for the awesome coding that brings their design to life and Theresa, Brynn, Sylvie, Jason, Mark, Mitchell, Elizabeth, Cindy, Emily, Mark, Ricki, Mia and Anne bring LOTS of traffic to your site with their Branding, SEO and Marketing chops.

But this is really just a complicated way of saying: Our job is to make your job easier!

Our Mission

I used to be a partner in a firm that built, branded and marketed MASSIVE e-commerce websites for Fortune 500 companies and Big Brands.

As a side project, I directed the feature length documentary Kindness Is Contagious, narrated by Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book (and film) Pay It Forward and it changed my life.

While filming, my team and I worked with many non-profits, start-ups and small businesses that were making a difference in the world and I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the world too. Then it hit me. The way I could do this was to repurpose the sophisticated marketing tools that my company had been developing for Fortune 500 companies and Major Brands to make them  insane amounts of money and use them instead to help non-profits increase donations, start-ups get funding and small businesses be more successful.

So I created The Bureau Of Small Projects as an incubator within my old company.  The name was a way to differentiate our work from that of of these multi-million dollar projects we had been developing.

I enjoyed it so much that in the spring of 2014, I spun The Bureau Of Small Projects off into it’s own company so I could do this full time.

Kindness is central to our brand values and our vision.

-David Gaz, Creative Director and Founder

Join Our Community

Join our community and get a FREE DOWNLOAD of the educational version of Kindness Is Contagious.

If you do something nice for someone, they will do something nice for four people and each of them will do something nice for four more people and so on and so on. Spread kindness and change the world!

About Kindness Is Contagious

It all began with an article about James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis and their research concerning the viral nature of kindness. Fowler and Christakis demonstrated that if you are kind to one person, they will be kind to four other people, and that each of those four people will be kind to four more people, and so on and so on… eventually circling back around to you again. Showing in fact that Karma may actually exist in the scientific sense.

CEOs, baseball players, roller girls, concert pianists, artists, street performers, soup kitchen volunteers, police officers, models and many more tell you their heartfelt stories of kindness and generosity. With that in mind, we asked people one deceptively difficult question:

What is the nicest thing anyone ever did for you?

Their answers range from the mundane to the profound. We are hoping that these kind acts will inspire audience members to do kind acts for 4 other people and that perhaps a whole lot of tiny acts of kindness, that are easy to do, will have more of an impact than a few big ones.