I used to be a partner in a firm that built and marketed MASSIVE e-commerce websites for Fortune 500 companies and Big Brands. As a side project, I directed the feature length documentary Kindness Is Contagious, narrated by Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book (and film) Pay It Forward and it changed my life.

While filming, my team and I worked with many non-profits, start-ups and small businesses that were making a difference in the world and I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the world too. Then it hit me. The way I could do this was to repurpose the sophisticated marketing tools that my company had been developing for Fortune 500 companies and Major Brands to make them  insane amounts on money and use them instead to help non-profits increase donations, start-ups get funding and small businesses be more successful.

So I created The Bureau Of Small Projects as an incubator within my old company.  The name was a way to differentiate our work from that of of these multi-million dollar projects we had been developing.

I enjoyed it so much that in the spring of 2014, I spun The Bureau Of Small Projects off into it’s own company so I could do this full time.

Kindness is central to our brand values and our vision.

-David Gaz, Founder and Creative Director of the Bureau of Small Projects

About Kindness Is Contagious

Kindness Is Contagious is a feature length documentary all about being nice and the benefits of being nice. It all began with an article about James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis and their research concerning the viral nature of kindness. Fowler and Christakis demonstrated that if you are kind to one person, they will be kind to four other people, and that each of those four people will be kind to four more people, and so on and so on… eventually circling back around to you again. Showing in fact that Karma may actually exist in the scientific sense.

David Gaz, the producer and director of Kindness Is Contagious, is the Founder/Creative Director At The Bureau Of Small Projects and has received numerous awards in advertising, design, photography and film. He has over 20 years of experience with major brands such as Levi’s, Sony, IBM, Kellogg’s and Disney as well as world class museums and cultural centers such as Le Louvre and Le Musee d’Art Moderne.

David writes about branding and kindness for Forbes Magazine and has spoken at Stanford University, The Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and at events all across the country.