I'd like to give a shout out to Sunny for bending over backwards to get a client review into her calendar. Everything would have fallen weeks behind if she had not made the space ahead of [...]


Konan recognized and accepted that for personal reasons I wasn't able to take on too many projects and instead identified other areas of the business where I could help on my own time. I am [...]


has been helpful above and beyond as a teammate. She always lends an ear as well as input to help me overcome any challenges that have come up along the way. Her experience, wisdom, and kindness [...]


When my 18 year old pug, Trouble, fell ill, Rebecca called me to check in and offer me some support. We swapped wonderful stories about our fur babies and the conversation elevated my mood. I'm [...]


Konan is thoroughly owning the role of Chief Operating Officer and I love it. From problem solving to people management he consistently achieves excellent results that delight our clients and [...]


Julia is one of those people you NEVER get tired of being around. She is smart, witty, and confident. But above all, she exudes a sense of calmness at all times. Even when you’re in the middle of [...]

Sunny And Becka

I tend to be unnecessarily hard on myself. Sunny and Becka helped me change it around and so I don't only focus on what can be improved but also on what is awesome and how we can be kind to [...]