The Competitive Analysis

We carefully research your target market, see who your competitors are and learn what they do well and what they do poorly. This is very important because it lets us take advantage of opportunities and low hanging fruit. Often our clients tell us they know who their competitors are. This is a red flag, unless they are seasoned marketers. It’s not about who YOU think your competitors are, it’s about who your CUSTOMERS think your competitors are.

The Value Proposition

What is it that you do differently – and more importantly – BETTER than your competition?

“Outstanding Customer Service” doesn’t count. EVERYONE says that.

This is the most important part of the branding process and the part that even seasoned professionals often don’t seem to understand. And it’s hard. Defining your Value Proposition is a lot like the game of GO. It is a question that takes a second to ask and a lifetime to answer. But if you can answer this one question, marketing is easy. All you have to do then is get your answer in front of as many people as possible.

The Marketing Plan

Once you have identified your competitors and defined what it is that you do differently and better, you need to put together a strategy for what to do next. This is your marketing plan. It’s is a roadmap that outlines your marketing strategy and tactics. It’s focused on a specific period of time and covers specific marketing-related details, such as costs, goals, and action items.

The Sales Funnel

This is why you have a website. Whether it’s donations, product sales or incredible services, we focus on what you need the most. It’s like dating. People want to get to know you, explore and start a conversation. Only then do you ask for the sale.

We bring qualified people to your site to learn about you and your offerings, then we bring them back with language optimized for their state of mind. Finally when they are ready, we ask for the sale. From first time site visit to a reminder someone abandoned a shopping cart to upselling later with a complimentary product. we have the expertise to bring people in to your sales funnel and close the deal elegantly and ethically with unequaled precision.

The Loyalty Engine

Once all the marketing tools are in place we set up a system to communicate with your visitors regularly via HubSpot using drip email campaigns, trackable ad campaigns, blog articles and social media posts. Once set up we can train you to use the system or manage it for you. The loyalty engine includes tools for:

  • Managing and monitoring of SEO and keyword performance
  • Monthly Marketing email(s)
  • Social Media and Search Engine Advertising (SEM)
  • Management and monitoring of email and advertising effectiveness (Nurturing)
  • Creating Blog articles and social media posts based upon a 12-month editorial calendar.
  • Monthly review of progress
  • Quarterly review for campaigns and conversion paths

Meet The Director

Michael Newman, director of marketing at the Bureau Of Small Projects, has been involved in product marketing and management for 18 years and held senior management roles in the musical instrument industry working for companies such as Digidesign (Avid), Loud Technologies, KRK Systems and Gibson.

“With all the background noise in the digital arena, you need someone to provide an answer that cuts to the chase without techno babble. Michael is that answer.”

Andy Heyneman – President and CEO
Robbins Brothers Jewelers

Michael LIVES to find new strategies or tools that can help our clients increase revenue. He pours through the marketing blogs, books and newsletters to always stay on top of this insanity so you don’t have to.