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Experience Bliss

The CBD industry is exploding, and Akai engaged the Bureau Of Small Projects to develop a memorable brand that will not only stand out, but define the sector. Akai’s focus is the total health of humanity. They want people to embrace not only others but encourage self-love and total happiness. Akai will create a place for people to learn, grow, share and communicate.

We practice a unique 7 step process when branding organizations

Many people think branding is a logo. For us, that is way down in the process. We feel that if branding is done well it doesn’t even need a logo.

It’s all about the value proposition. What you do differently (and more importantly) BETTER than your competition. If a value proposition is done well, when someone asks what you do for a living, you can tell them in a sentence or paragraph and walk away with business.

Extreme Recyclability

For Akai, it’s al about nature. One of the defining elements of their brand are the hyper eco-friendly  aluminum bottles and jars that we developed for them and had custom made and trademarked specifically for their brand. Only aluminum is 100% recyclable. The added bonus is that nobody else in the nutritional Supplement sector has aluminum packaging so from miles away, Akai not only stands out in the highly competitive supplement marketplace but dominates it.

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