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Authentic Alpaca For The Modern World

Alpakari produces authentic alpaca-based products, knitted and woven by masters using traditional and modern techniques, to create richly textured and beautifully constructed garments of this natural wonder-fiber from the heartlands of Peru. These are well-made, classic designs that look great, feel incredible, and become wardrobe staples.

While you will love the look, there’s more here than just making a fashion statement. Alpakari’s line is sustainable clothing derived from ethically sourced alpaca fiber and we work closely with Peruvian artisans. You can dress with intention when you choose clothing that not only feels good to the touch, but also makes you feel good.

After more than 20 years as a trusted supplier for over 700 retail locations across the United States and Canada, we’re honored to work with Alpakari to bring their products directly to the consumer. These are alpaca goods, perfected over millennia, crafted by Alpakari’s artisans for the modern world. There is history in every stitch, culture in every thread, and a story of adventure in every weave.

Alpakari: Ancient Tradition. Modern Technique. Timeless Fashion.