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Respiratory Solutions Proven By Science.

The EMST150 training system was originally tested on high school band students, both boys, and girls, nearly 20 years ago. The objective was to see if young people playing musical instruments that required strong expiratory power could increase their exhaled air pressure by power training with the EMST150. All the students that received training with the EMST150 experienced increased exhaled strength.

From this simple beginning, the EMST150 research team went on to apply the training to a diverse range of people and found the EMST150 trainer increased exhaled air pressure, or strength, in all who participated in the training. The EMST150 team recognized that various basic breathing-related functions such as coughing, swallowing, and speech were also improved by increasing expiratory power. Some of the most rewarding results came from working with individuals suffering from chronic neurological conditions and those seeking to stay healthy as they age. Today, the EMST150 and the IA150 adapter for inspiratory strengthening are used to strengthen the most important muscles in the human body – those involved in breathing and airway protection.