Branding, Logo Development, Responsive And Mobile Website Development


Platform: WordPress

Framework: Custom Frontend, Jupiter Backend

Techstack: Custom Video Player, Monster Insights, Social Warfare, Yoast


2.2 second load time

23% decrease in overall page size

5.75% bounce rate

Connecting the choral world

The team approached The Bureau Of Small Projects to build a platform to connect the choral world – choirs, singers, musicians, teachers, organizations and businesses – digitally. With over 2m choirs and choral groups worldwide, this is a massively ambitious, long-term project.

The platform enables choirs to create profiles and add concert listings and recruitment information, while also enabling businesses and organizations to showcase their latest products and services. ties everything together with online magazine – with news, feature articles and interviews – giving a unique, independent editorial perspective on the choral world. is part of a branded multisite platform together with MUSIC:ED, a global platform whose vision is to do for music education what will do for choirs – bring everyone together online.