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Voice Analytics – Data That Accurately And Immediately Identifies Fraud

At Clearspeed, they have created a new category within voice analytics where risk of fraud is immediately and accurately identified in phone-based conversations that take place within your business. With their AI-enabled technology in place, fraud that is attempted by customers, employees or vendors, and often missed by legacy systems, is instantly identified to inform a more focused follow up.

Clearspeed helps their insurance clients reduce their claims fraud by utilizing our platform in the early stages of their process. Clearspeed enables straight-through processing for accurate claims, while immediately flagging those that are identified as a high risk of being fraudulent. This early identification by Clearspeed is the most accurate technology today for conversational fraud analysis and they consistently save their clients time and money.

Clearspeed has innovated a new category of fraud identification using voice analytics that helps companies identify fraud earlier with more accuracy than any other conversational fraud analytics technology on the market today.