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Platform: WordPress

Framework: Custom Frontend, Jupiter Backend

Techstack: Gravity Forms, Monster Insights, Social Warfare, SEO by Yoast


2.2 second load time

23% decrease in overall page size

2.15% bounce rate

Positive Psychology For Individuals And Couples

John Drimmer is a therapist in Los Angeles who wanted to increase his business. After we created a new website for John he realized he was getting no traffic to his new website and therefore no new patients. John enlisted us for advertising and marketing help.

Before working on an advertising strategy, we conducted a variety of thought-provoking sessions with John designed to motivate his explanations of strengths and what he wants to accomplish with his business. It’s normal for many business owners to have never had these conversations in such a way that they reflect on the bigger picture and long-term objectives which of course enables us to help them that much more.

John had another website that provided some great content we could repurpose on his therapy site – as a matter of fact the content was perfect for this therapy site but he just didn’t think of our intended application for it. Content marketing strategy solved!

He also had some great photos taken with his family dog. We wanted one of those images front and center on the home page to emphasize his friendly, caring and trusting nature.

In parallel we set up tracking and analytics so we could track phone call sources, contact forms and ad campaigns that converted to leads. Data is the great equalizer and it removes the guessing!

John was hesitant to use Google AdWords because he had tried it for five years and was not impressed. We convinced him to let us experiment with conservative ad spends and explained that all self-serve advertising (social, Google, remarketing services) are a process so we work the process then only raise the spends when we know it’s working.

In our first month using Ad Words, John was getting new patients on a regular basis and is comfortable spending money on advertising because he knows what efforts are leading to new patients. He even asked us to turn off our ads for a few weeks because he had too many new patients!

In short this is why John is a very happy client:

  • We listen – a lot then put that information into our strategies. (Family dog on the site, content marketing from his other business.)
  • We set up testing for everything possible because data tells you what to do next and removes the guessing. (Call tracking, analytics and Ad Words linking.)
  • We work very hard on creating marketing and ad campaigns that perform well, then we keep testing to make them perform even better. (New patients in first month using AdWords in the highly competitive Los Angeles market.)