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Platform: WordPress

Framework: Full Custom Frontend, The7 Theme backend

Tech Stack: Gravity Forms, CrazyEgg and Hubspot


70% decrease in overall load time

35% decrease in overall page size

2.57% bounce rate

Being a loving, respectful human being is the most important thing we can be

Unfortunately it’s not prioritized in today’s social interactions, media discourses or school curriculum. In our accelerating, desensitized, digitally-driven, winning-is-all world, there’s an epidemic of casual disrespect, bullying, incivility, and rudeness.

The Bureau Of Small Projects along with some of the biggest influencers on the planet are helping them to change that with year-round school programs, community engagements, a global online community – and their annual flagship “Everyone Matters Day” which celebrates EVERYONE’S uniqueness as contributing to what makes their city or community vibrant.