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Platform: WordPress

Framework: Full Custom Front and Backend with Advanced Custom Fields

Techstack: Ad Inserter Pro, Mailster and Hotjar


1.2 second load time

2,700,000 uniques a month traffic

7.25% bounce rate

The Folks Who Taught Batman How To Parkour

The cornerstone of our branding process is to articulate what you do differently and bette than your competitors. Like the game of go, this takes a second to explain and can take a lifetime to master. Often the answer is nothing. Then you are competing on price, not a good place to be.

But every once in a while, a client comes along like Hollywood Freerunner where the value proposition writes itself.

The Folks Who Taught Batman How To Parkour. It just doesn’t get any better than that. With a value proposition like they have, marketing is a piece of cake.

Hollywood Freerunner aims to change the game of chase choreography. Our extensive experience as parkour athletes and film professionals uniquely qualifies us to design and execute detailed, captivating chase sequences that elevate film and television.