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Blending Science And Holistic Botanicals To Create The Best CBDA Products On The Planet.

Creating the most natural, pure, and potent CBDA products on earth is both an art and a science. It’s also Kriva’s passion and craft.

Kriva knew there was a better way to produce a superior product, so Kriva developed it. Their innovative secret formula of ingredients plus their simple, clean process produces CBDA, a superior product over its lesser cousin CBD. The “A” stands for the acidic value, which is naturally found in the plant, so it interacts with your body more holistically (high bioavailability) and produces a greater balance of benefits for mind, body & spirit.

As leaders in the industry, Kriva is one of the only producers of wet CBDA that is free of heavy metals and pesticides. Cleaner and naturally better. Kriva’s products improve everyday life for greater wellness, recovery and a healthier you. Pure and potent, the stuff simply works.

Good for you, and good for the planet. Kriva’s clean process that protects the plants nutrients and preserves the “A” in CBDA is highly sustainable, eco-friendly, and safer for the entire ecosystem. This innovative process plus their secret formula of natural ingredients produces powerful products that truly perform.