E-commerce, Responsive And Mobile Website Development


Platform: WordPress

E-commerce Platform: WooCommerce

Plugins: WPML Multilanguage


40% decrease in overall load time

23% decrease in overall page size

150% increase in conversions due to international sales


Your Exclusive Vintage Experience

OldBici came to The Bureau of Small Projects looking for a technology team with deep WordPress expertise who could guide them through a responsive redesign focused on a multilingual e-commerce experience.

Typical to The Bureau of Small Project’s approach, we created 5 design mock-ups for the homepage. As the homepage dictates the look and feel of a website, we prefer to spend a lot of time on the homepage design, doing many mockups and revisions until we find an aesthetic that our client absolutely LOVES. Once the mock-ups were revised and approved, we then started wire framing the rest off the website. We prefer to work this way as doing wireframes before the design often restricts the creative process.

Working closely with OldBici’s CEO, we watched as the magic happened. Our philosophy is that imagery drives engagement, so as the photography started to come in, based upon the mockups, the website really took form. The purpose of website imagery is to define the quality of the company or organization. This is why we often feature full width photography buy amazing artists. Visitors make a decision to remain on a website or leave within milliseconds and the only way to communicate that quickly is with stunning imagery.

A site with small images may load quickly, but if it’s not engaging, that just means that the visitors will leave quickly.

OldBici feature restored vintage Italian bicycles by famous international athletes and we wanted the browsing experience to be like visiting a classic museum.