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Bring Your Balance Back To Show Your True Potential

We specialize in Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Startups. Because of that, many Big Brands come to us to launch new products as we would a startup. Fast, lean and agile. With entrepreneurism being all the rage, “intrapreneurial” projects are becoming quite popular too.

Pocari Sweat is an international sports drink brand that is as well known throughout the rest of the world as gatorade is on the US. Pocari Sweat tasked the Bureau Of Small Projects with introducing it to the American market.

And we must of done something right because we sold out their entire production in the firs month. But certainly the biggest factor is because Pocari Sweat is just plain awesome.

When a product is different and better than their competitors like Pocari Sweat, marketing is easy. it’s just a matter of getting the brand in front of people and never in the history of the workd shas there been more channels to do that.

Our bodies become depleted by activities like exercise –with Pocari Sweat, you can FEEL your body rehydrating as your internal balance is restored.

Pocari Sweat is formulated with a perfect blend of minerals, electrolytes, water and carbohydrates, and is scientifically designed to be quickly absorbed to truly replenish what you lose in sweat. Pocari Sweat gives you exactly what you need for hydration and nothing unnecessary –no artificial color, artificial sweetener or caffeine –so you are replenished and rejuvenated to perform at your best.

Our bodies thrive on nutrients, which are not easy to replace. Pocari Sweat’s composition closely resembles the fluids we produce naturally, which helps you hydrate faster and stay hydrated longer. Pocari Sweat makes you feel refreshed and renewed –physically, mentally and emotionally –so you can show your true potential.