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Platform: WordPress

Framework: Custom Frontend, Custom Backend

Techstack: Near Field Communication, customize content shown based on segmentation,

horizontally scrolling WooCommerce, LogicHop and Drip eCRM.

The World’s First Carbon Negative Fashion Brand

The company Sheep Inc. sells just one product. The sweater’s wearers can scan an NFC tag sewn onto the sweater’s hem with their phones to follow the journey the wool goes on: being cleaned in China, spun in northern Italy, manufactured in Spain, then finally sent to a warehouse in the U.K. They’ll learn about the company’s efforts to minimize its carbon footprint by working with mostly green energy suppliers and using yarn waste to add unique detailing to the neckline of every sweater. One hundred percent of the company’s packaging is made from recycled materials. Despite the wool’s journey spanning multiple continents, the impact of material transport accounts for only about 1% of Sheep Inc.’s total carbon footprint.

This may be the coolest site we have ever built. You must absolutely click on the link below to see for yourself. Not only does it combine cutting edge coding with cutting edge Near Field Communication technology, a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices with AI to personalize the messaging but it also makes the world a better place by having a tangible impact on the environment.

But there is a downside. You can be TOO cool. While the original website won lots of awards, people unfortunately spent more time clicking and scrolling and basking in the coolness than they did buying sweaters, so Sheep Inc. eventually switched to a more conventional Shopify website. CLICK HERE to compare.