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Platform: WordPress

Framework: Custom Frontend, The 7 Theme Backend

Techstack: WordPress + Custom Vimeo OTT


2.2 second load time

23% decrease in overall page size

5.75% bounce rate

Quickly Achieving Cloud Compliance

Shujinko’s approach is to bring cloud compliance know-how together with automation to make compliance and audits easy for our customers. Shujinko helps their customers confidently prepare for an audit by using intuitive cloud compliance automation for the vast majority of the technical controls that are error prone and time consuming to set up, as well as the evidence collection and documentation that takes teams away from the work they love to do.

What we love to do is help make our clients successful. it’s a lot easier to keep the clients we have rather than look for new ones. People come to use because they like the way our websites look. But there is a LOT of strategy involved. In the B2B world, it’s what they do that is important.

SOC 2 and other cloud security compliance is anything but sexy. But every big tech company wrestles with it. Data protection laws like GDPR and HIPAA require companies hosting data in the cloud to abide by thorough cloud regulatory compliance requirements that are often foreign to startups migrating to the cloud.

So in many ways SOC 2 compliance is an easy sell because Shujinko makes their customer’s lives easier and takes the nightmare of compliance entirely off their plate.