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Dr. Sommer White’s desire to help people took her to Nepal for the Peace Corps, directed her to the path of medicine and sent her to the island of Hispanola on many medical missions. Her favorite part of being an emergency physician was quickly relieving people of acute pain. As a functional medicine physician, She enjoys getting to know her patients and helping them heal at a deep level.

Her journey into integrative medicine and alternative treatments began when she started practicing macrobiotics in order to heal herself of kidney and adrenal fatigue. She was chronically tired, rundown and wasn’t sleeping well. Sound Familiar? Once she started eating a primarily plant-based diet and started to live within the laws of nature, her body became strong and my mind became clearer. This transformative vision brought her into the world of natural healing where she developed dietary programs that helped the body heat itself.

Our job was to give authoritative voice to her vision and give Dr. White the tools for her practice to succeed at a commercial scale. Tools that allow her to book appointments, schedule events and publish recipes all from the same online platform.