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The Epicenter Of Western AstrologicalThought.

Since their inception in 1987, The Mountain Astrologer has become the world’s most highly regarded Western astrology journal. They craft every page with care and select stories and articles that will enrich the lives of their readers. The Mountain Astrologer is where people, wisdom, and discussion surrounding all schools of astrological thought intersect and foster community. They pride themselves in encouraging both renowned elders and new voices to share their work. Their carefully curated pages explore a wide range of ideas and invite self-discovery.

As a hub of research and study, The Mountain Astrologer celebrates the thoughts of our entire community and synthesizes them into one beautiful package. They are connected to a vast network of respected and experienced astrologers and have remained a trusted resource for decades. Thir magazine is a feast of information and wisdom to be revisited time and time again. The value of the printed word is not lost on them, despite our technology focused world, The Mountain Astrologer is passionate about providing a tangible connection to astrological wisdom for everyone, from novice to sage.