Branding, Logo Development

The definition of a Brand is the promise a company makes to it’s customers. A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol that represents the Brand to aid and promote instant public recognition. Choosing your organization’s logo is an important decision because of its long term implications and its role in creating differentiation among competitors.

Color is a key element in logo design and plays an important role in brand differentiation. We tend to acquire various color connotations and color associations through social and cultural conditioning, and these play a role in how we decipher and evaluate logo color. It shouldn’t conflict with logo functionality, and it needs to be remembered that color connotations and associations are not consistent across all social and cultural groups. The typeface you choose to support the logo and the way it is displayed is ver important too. Then if you want to go deep, think about how you answer the phone, what your email looks like and even the way your employees dress. If you want to take your business to the next level, let us put together a set of brand guidelines that help new hires and vendors quickly get up to speed as to what your brand is all about.

The way you think about your company is an important first step in helping your customers understand what you have to offer.