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Wisdomify is way for people to share the great stuff they have learned about life. A place to turn, to hang.

There is nothing quite like it. But the need we speak to is as old as mankind.

Here you can search for the most valuable things your fellow humans have learned. Funny. Staggering. Beautiful. Inspiring things. Each told in the first person. Each with a lesson.

You can search the Wisdomify database by topic, age, gender, nationality.

Inside each category there are subcategories. Inside love you can find a cluster of videos about breaking up, getting married, choosing wisely, etc.

The content is produced in-house and crowd-sourced. Every video is carefully curated by a team of award-winning non-fiction filmmakers and psychologists. The library is growing rapidly.

Use Wisdomify when you face a crazy fork in the road. A minor bump in the bend. To improve your game. Or if you’re just wondering about how to make life sing.