How To Make The Perfect Landing Page

The more links or copy that are on the page (like on a traditional home page or company website), the less likely your page is to convert, so if you want people to buy, ALWAYS use specialized landing pages and be clear about what you want people to do.

The 7 Basic Landing Page Rules:

Communicate Effectively

What is the pain point or problem your customer feels? This is your headline. Explain CLEARLY what your product or service is or does. Show how your features address your target audience’s pain points. Explain how it will benefit your target audience and how it solves their problem.

Use Your Real Estate Wisely

The highest converting landing pages have the following: They ALWAYS start with a picture or video. Then a clear headline. Followed by 3-5 obvious Benefits. An example of product or service in use. Your Trust Elements – Testimonials, Articles or Reviews. And most importantly, a clear distraction free Form or Call To Action in the top 40% of the page – If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Create A Form That Converts

When it comes to creating a lead capture form, one line alone in the top 40% of your page will have the most success.

But there’s no difference between four to seven lines, so if you need more, then you might as well do seven. What you ask for in your copy can also change the outcome of your form’s conversions. When asked for just an email address, 41% give a company email. When asked for “your best email” we got 47% company emails. When he asked for a “business email” we got 65% company emails. You should just ask for what you want.

Try A/B testing specific words. “Your free e-book” converts less than “my free e-book.” Also the word “get” converts less than the word “click” in a CTA. When it comes to the layout of your form, design your form as if it’s the only thing on the page. If it can communicate in isolation you’re much better off.

Don’t Give People Choices

People may think they want more choice, but choice can also be confusing. One to three options are best with clear instructions on how to purchase your product or service. Best practice is to remove the header and footer on landing pages to avoid indecision and further reduce choice.

Avoid Unnecessary Interactions

All interactions cause some type of friction. This can work in your favor or against it when it comes to conversions depending on how you design these interactions. Carousels get nearly 90% click through with the first position but next to nothing for the following images and links. Keep interactions “delightful” and generally minimal when pursuing conversions.

Because… Because of the wonderful things it does

What is the most successful word in landing page conversions? Because. Think about it – because is the most persuasive word in the English language. When we ask ‘why?’ as children, we constantly get the word ‘because’. Pages that not only use the word “because,” but use it 11 times convert highest compared to pages that use the word less or not at all.

Avoid Negative Language & Cognitive Leaps

When considering the psychology behind the perfect landing page what will motivate people to sign up or convert make sure that you understand the difference between influence, persuasion, manipulation – and err on the side of influence. Additionally, consider the cognitive ease of use to understand what you’re saying and fill out a form. If your landing page creates “cognitive strain” by being difficult to understand or complete, your conversions will go down.