Website Setup Information

Thank you for choosing to build your website with us! An expert will be in touch within 24 hours to create a high performing, mobile responsive, SEO Friendly, fully customizable website that make a BIG impact on your business.

Please have all your content ready when our expert calls (open the checklist below for guidance) and fill out the form so that we can make your experience as easy as possible.

Our job is to make your job easier!

1. Your main contact email for visitors

2. Your physical address

3. Your business phone number for visitors to call you

5. All social media urls (if you have any)

6. All images

Ideally cropped to the dimensions below, but our expert can help you with that if need be:

  • 3 images 1400x680px
  • 1 image 1500×900
  • 1 image 750×450
  • product images (up to 10) 600×600 px

If you don’t have any, professional images can be found here for $10/ea:

All video urls, either youtube or vimeo.

7) All Text

  • 1 catchy title
  • Elevator pitch (what your company does for people in one sentence)
  • 1 call to action (what do you want people to do? Buy Now, Sign Up, Learn More…)
  • 3 benefits, plus a one or 2 sentence description fro each
  • 1 or more testimonials
  • 3-5 logos of well know companies that do business with you (if you have any)
  • One paragraph about your business
  • 500 words about your company
  • 500 words about your services
  • 300 words about each product (max 10 products), make sure to emphasize the benefits

8) E-commerce content

  • Pricing (max 10 products)
  • Shipping information (max 10 products)
  • Tax information (max 10 products) Usually tax is only applied to online orders if they are made in the stat that your physical office is located, but we recommend you speak with your accountant for details.



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