First we take the basic elements of a brand and break them down into 7 affordable “Sprints”.

We like to be very mindful of your budget, so before we start a project, we assess your organization’s needs and resources to pick the very best combination of these sprints for maximum impact.

Now of course if resources permit you don’t have to stick with just one sprint either. If a client wants to explore one step in more depth we often do several expanded sprints until get it just right.

Next, for each sprint we explore 5 directions ranging from conservative to a little bit out there. Then you choose the one that you kind-of, sort-of like the best and we make adjustments to that until you LOVE it.

This is a VERY effective technique to focus in on exactly what you are looking for – and since everyone on our team is a specialist with Fortune 500 and Big Brand experience each sprint will be VERY good.

Finally, each sprint consists of 3 steps. The initial exploration where multiple options are presented, the focusing phase where the direction is narrowed down and refined and then a polish pass where the finishing touches are applied.

At the end of the sprint, a meeting takes place where challenges are discussed and the next set of tasks are talked about and assigned. This repeats until the project is complete.