The Easy Way To Do Adwords

Adwords really is the great equalizer. It’s an arena where any small business can compete directly with the biggest companies and brands. The beauty of it is that every person who clicks is actively looking for what you offer and you only pay if they click. And the surprising thing to me is. PEOPLE CLICK.

What is the pain point or problem your customer feels? This is your headline.

What is your solution? This is your sub-head.

Create a dedicated landing page that supports your ad.

Get an AdWords account and have google walk you through how to use it. You can spend as little as $5 a day

Once you have ads that perform, spend, spend, spend. If you make money spending $100, you will make 10 times as much if you spend $1,000

I know we are going to piss off a bunch of our colleagues, but seriously, that’s it. Of course there is a LOT more you can do with AdWords to bring the cost down, choose and target your keywords and craft your ads. There is also remarketing, display ads and a million little details you can tweak. Otherwise there would be no need for agencies. But if you want to do-it-yourself, Google makes it insanely easy to dive in and are absolutely terrific at helping you through the basics. Of course, if you don’t have the time, hire a professional. It will be the best money you ever spend.