How To Get Influencers To Link To You

This is called “Link Building” and is hands down the best way to drive traffic to your website. And if a well known site links to you, it will not only explode page views, but raise your ranking on Google astronomically.

Unfortunately it is also very hard to do.

Here is how it works:

Search for your target keyword in Google

A keyword, in the context of search engine optimization, is usually NOT a word. It refers to a short phrase that describes the contents of your web page. Keywords form part of a Web page’s metadata and act as shortcuts to help search engines match a page with an appropriate search query.

Look for articles about your keyword (phrase)

VERY IMPORTANT: Read the articles.

Find the name of the person who wrote the article

And use these tools to get their email address:

Or simply google the author’s name and the word “email”. With a little detective work, email addresses are pretty easy to find. What I like about this approach is that you will certainly find more work from the same author in the process which will come in handy for Step 7.

Add the author’s site to an excel spreadsheet

Or the site they were writing for, along with the url of the article you read, author’s name and email address.

Evaluate how important the website is

Once you have 100 names, use this tool to evaluate how important the website or url of the article is:

Sort the articles according to importance

Then take the top 50. Hit “backlinks” in the ahrefs sidebar to see how often they link to other sites.

Sort according to most backlinks

Then pick the top 25 and send each of these authors a heartfelt non-scripted email (people can spot a form letter a mile away) telling them why you like THEIR article and tell them about YOUR site or article.

Lastly, put these people in a separate spreadsheet and repeat steps 1-7 keeping the unused sites in your spreadsheet.

NOTE: This is best done by YOU not an SEO firm as it’s about building relationships. Of course many SEO firms and publicists already have relationships in place with well known media outlets, and if this is the case they can be VERY helpful. But even so, journalists like to go straight to the source.