ALWAYS start with a picture

There is a reason that you don’t see words hanging on people’s walls very often. It’s because we are hardwired to respond to visuals. People don’t like to read unless they are engaged. That’s why books have covers. The biggest mistake people make is to try and describe what they are saying with a picture. The job of the picture is to get people’s attention and define the quality of your site. If you have their attention and they are impressed with the quality of your website people will read what you have to say. Then just follow these simple rules and everything will fall into place:

Communicate Through Point Size And Font Weight

Headings are the biggest

Then subheads

Then body text.

This creates a strong hierarchy of information, which is single most effective way to make any design better. Hierarchy of information is like chess. It takes a second to learn but a lifetime to master. Absence of hierarchy is the reason 99% of bad design exists. The key is to think about what you want to say and what you want to accomplish, then make the most important things stand out.



Then Upper Lower Case

Then sentence case.

The goal is to guide the reader through the content so that they read it the way you want them to with out being confused as to where to start and where to go next.

It’s called the inverted pyramid. The inverted pyramid is a metaphor used by journalists and other writers to illustrate how information should be prioritized and structured in a text.

The “inverted” or upside-down “pyramid” can be thought of as a simple triangle with one side drawn horizontally at the top and the body pointing down. The widest part at the top represents the most substantial, interesting, and important information the writer means to convey, illustrating that this kind of material should head the article, while the tapering lower portion illustrates that other material should follow in order of diminishing importance. Via Wikipedia.



So Do Dark Colors

But keep the body text soothing so that it is easy to read, otherwise people will go on to something else. Everyone is lazy, so keep body text black or grey unless you have a very good reason to do otherwise.

Only Deviate From The Hierarchy To Emphasize Something Important

Like an offer or a call to action. But do so sparingly because too much emphasis = no emphasis.

That’s it!

Using these simple tricks will make any website or printed document look infinitely better. Of course rules are meant to be broken. But do so boldly and with intention.