How To Setup Facebook and Instagram Ads

There are 2 basic types of digital advertising. Search Based Adversing and Disruptive Advertising – like Facebook and Instagram Ads, Banner Ads and Remarketing – where people are doing something else and we show them Ads based on their interests. Both types of advertising can be effective, and which is right for you depends on what you are selling. Often it’s not clear which is better so we always recommend doing both and looking at the data to make the decision. Here is how to get started with Facebook and Instagram Ads:

Setup Your Account

Set up your Facebook ads account. This can be done through the same login you use to manage your Business’ Facebook account. If you don’t have a Business Facebook account, go here and click “Create Account”.

Create A Campaign

From the Campaigns tab, click on the green box to create your new campaign. Facebook will guide you to a Quick Creation, which is the fastest and easiest way to get your campaign up and running.

Set up 1 new Campaign. Each campaign should be theme related so name it something that you can identify later. Choose the campaign objective that makes sense for your goals. If you want to promote a post then choose “Promote Post.” If you want visitors to your website then choose “Traffic”. If you just want to increase awareness, then choose “Brand Awareness”.

Set up an Ad Set

Set up 1 Ad Set and give it a simple name that you can identify later. Each ad set has its own budget and audience targeting. So name your ad set something that corresponds to the audience you want to target.

Set your budget

Set your daily budget which should be ½ of what you are willing to spend. Once you have a better understanding of which targets perform best for your business, you can increase your budget.

Set the end date

Set an end date for your first campaign 2-3 weeks in the future. If you don’t set an end date, you run the risk of your campaign running indefinitely.

Define your target audience

Define your ad set target audience. You’ll want to start conservative at first to get a feel for the demand of your target audience. After your trial run you can increase your audience targeting. For geography, only target 5 miles from your location. For age, only target a 20-year range. And if possible, choose the preferred gender. You’ll also want to choose some detailed targeting options related to the interests and behaviors of your ideal audience.

You can choose “Automatic Placement” to let the the system place your ad automatically in all platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Or you can manually choose where you want them to publish.

Create your ads

Ideally you’ll want to create 2-3 ads to see which ones perform the best. So give each one a name that distinguishes it from the others. You can create your ad from a post you’ve made from your Facebook page. Or you can create a new ad. Make sure your headline is attention-grabbing, your visuals show your company or product, and the description has a solid call to action.

After creating 2-3 ads, click on the publish button to make your campaign go live.

Monitor and adjust

After 4-5 days login to see if you are using your entire daily budget. If not, expand some of the geographic or demographic targets until you are using all of your set budget. After your trial run, look at the reporting to determine your results. If some demographics are performing poorly, then trim them out for the next run.