We are in the money getting Business

Our process boils down to three steps: Create “The Package.” Deliver “The Package.” Confirm the Delivery.

Our process boils down to three steps: Create “The Package.” Deliver “The Package.” Confirm the Delivery.

Whether you are a small business, startup or nonprofit, we are doing the exact same thing: enticing people to buy your products, hire you to perform a service, or donate to your cause.

A little back story. We used to work exclusively with Big Brands and Fortune 500 companies. A few years back, we produced a documentary called “Kindness Is Contagious.” A film all about being nice and the benefits of being nice. While filming, we worked with a lot of startups, health care organizations and nonprofits. People who made money making the world a better place. And we got jealous. We wanted to make money making the world a better place, too. So we decided to take the principles that made those big companies so successful and adapt them to small business, startups and nonprofits.

The challenge was to massively simplify the marketing process, not only because these organizations could not afford the countless revisions,  studies and strategy sessions, but it also made it better.

Step one: create the package

Useful things come in a package. Delightful things come in a package. Gifts, surprises and chocolates come in a package. People smile with pleasure when a package arrives. This is what we need to achieve with your messaging.

To create The Package, first you need to learn about your competitors. You need to learn what they do well — because you have to be at least as good. Then you need to learn what they do poorly, because this represents opportunity.

Next, you need to communicate what you do differently – and better – than your competitors. This is the key to everything. This is the reason for people to choose you.

This is “The Package.”

It sounds simple, but it’s like the game of GO. It takes a minute to explain and a lifetime to master.

Step Two: Deliver The Package

If “The Package” is a box of chocolates, then the way you deliver the package will be the mailman, friends, teachers, family and loved ones. People you trust.

In a digital world, your Package gets delivered by your Website, App, Search Engines, Social Media Channels, Emails, Influencers, Articles in the Press, Blog Posts… the list is endless. And they need to be as reliable and trustworthy as your package-bearers IRL. And here’s the extra-good news: there have never been more channels to deliver “The Package” — or more people to receive it.

Once you get this right, there’s a big world waiting to hear from you.

Step three: Confirm the Delivery

If you look at “The Package” as a box of chocolates, and your digital delivery-people as trusted friends, then optimizing and adjusting would be making sure you have the address right.

It’s all about the data. People move around a lot and interests vary. So, like addresses, some channels and offers simply work better than others. So we test. And analyze. Over and over and over. Until the data gets us to the right place.

The Great Intangible

You must have something people want. If people don’t care about your products, services or cause, then no matter what you do, it won’t be very effective. But, fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out. Just ask them to buy. Ask them the right way. In the right places.

The data will tell you. At this point, it really is just math. And when it works, it’s a beautiful thing. Whether you are a small business, startup or nonprofit, if people care about your product, service or cause, you are not taking their money. You’re giving them a gift when you deliver “The Package” and making their lives — and maybe even the world — a little bit better.