Troubleshooting and Repairs

Site Loading and Dashboard Access Problems

Troubleshoot and fix the White Screen of Death (WSOD)
Diagnose and fix a WordPress site that resolves to a blank white page

Unable to login / Reset password
Manually reset a user’s password from the Dashboard
If needed, diagnose and fix a user’s inability to access the Dashboard from the login screen

Login screen not loading
Access the site through the backend and debug the loading issue and implement the solution

Very slow to load
Run performance tests to see where the loading issue lies and debug the causation

Dashboard appears broken
Test plugin configuration and review compatibility issues to find the cause of the issuer

500 Server Errors
Review the .htaccess files for inconsistency and issues
If needed, perform server side testing and debug the error codes

Other Server Errors
Server side scanning and testing to find broken areas and dead ends

Hacking and Malware Issues

Malware removal
Site-wide scanning + database file scanning + front end media file scanning
Quarantining all malicious files found

Site hacked
Site, server, and media file scanning. Posts, pages, comments, backdoor and user review. Quarantine and removal of all malicious files and user found

Google “Unsafe Site” error
Google Tag Manager configuration review and setup

Remove unknown users, stop repeated login attempts and brute force attacks
Site review and removal of all malicious activity, installing security defenses and removing any backdoor access

HTTP/HTTPS Mixed Content errors
Review page content for unsecure links and change link origins to secure access

Removing and stopping spam comments and spam contact form submissions (CAPTCHA/honeypot install)
Installing CAPTCHA tools and a Honeypot spam filter feature

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Setup

Install WordPress
Installing core WP files, creating admin user, and installing a specified theme

Migrate images and pages from an older WordPress website (XML export)
Importing images and pages from old site into new WP content management system

Migrate images and pages from a non-WordPress website
Downloading and installing images and media files from one source to the other, copying all page content and formatting it to new platform

WordPress Admin

Update WordPress Core
Backup of current site, compatibility check, and then manually updating the WP core files with testing included

Update plugins
Backup of current site, plugin update compatibility review and manual plugin update with testing included

Install, activate a plugin
Backup of current site, file download and installation, and configuration of plugin with testing included

Update, activate, or reset WordPress permalinks
Backend website access and testing to re-configure permalinks

Add, remove, or update users
WordPress backend access to add, remove, or change users and access

WordPress Theme Changes

Install, activate, or update a theme
Accessing the WordPress theme in the backend editor and then installing or configuring the files directly to WordPress

Troubleshoot theme display errors
Debug the code issues within the theme display, access the files and fix the issue

Create and activate a child theme
Creating the necessary child-theme file system, implementing the basic info necessary into the style.css file, and creating the functions.php file before activating the child-theme live on the server

Setup and configure existing theme feature
Access the functions.php file and add custom CSS coding

Install and configure a widget (common widgets in sidebar/footer include…)
Implementing a new widget to the sites existing framework and configuring it to specification

Update theme template appearance (HTML/CSS/JS)
Accessing the style.css file and implementing custom CSS, HTML, and/or JS coding

Update copyright year
Accessing the sites template files and adding a custom PHP script or accessing the site’s widgets and adding a custom JS script

Update menu items
Accessing the site’s setup configuration and manually change the Menu options

Update header/footer text or images
Accessing the header or footer widgets and implementing the requested text or images and formatting them for correct display

Update functions.php with custom code
Accessing the functions.php file on the backend of the website and implementing custom code to the correct section
Or creating a functions.php file and implementing the custom code requested.


WooCommerce / Ecommerce Setup

Merchant/card processor setup
Overviewing the checkout experience and configuring the necessary tools to the checkout page

Setup tax table
Configuring the site ecommerce system with the tax rates
Or if necessary, installing an external tool to calculate the tax rates

Setup inventory control
Configure the inventory system to include current inventory levels and alerts

Customize customer email message appearance
Formating checkout page text and message appearance through custom CSS coding

Google Analytics goal tracking setup
Installing specific Google Analytic code to the header.php file

WooCommerce / Ecommerce Management

Create or update a product
Add a product to the inventory and configure it with the specified product information and images
Set a specified value for the produce

Change product pricing
Accessing the product configuration and setting a new price

Update product images
Accessing the product page and upload a new image and/or remove previous imagest

Update product description
Accessing the product information page and editing and/or uploading new content

Inventory management (mark items out of stock or available)
Accessing the product information page and editing the availability and inventory levels manually

Setup coupons and discount schedules
Creating and configuring custom triggered coupon and discount events in the product information backend

Update third-party email service (MailChimp) with latest customer list
Exporting the website server customer list to an .xcl format and uploading to a specified CRM system.
Configuring the CRM system to integrate with the website server email list

Performance & Security

Security Setup / Site Hardening

SSL installation and configuration
Installing a valid SSL certificate to the backend and configuring the content on the website to point to https

Initial site hardening
A comprehensive list of all necessary and recommended actions a user should take to ensure site protection and safety

Setup website traffic firewall
Updating DNS to the firewall application and configuring the site to transmit through the firewall

Speed Optimization

Setup free CDN Cloudflare
Setup and configuring the website to Cloudflare, configuring the DNS records, and changing nameservers to point to Cloudflare

Bulk optimize images
Implementing an image resize and optimize tool to the site and configuring it to optimize the bulk of images

JS and CSS Minification
Implementing a code minification tool to the website and configuring it to shorten specific code on the site

Move to managed hosting
Communicating with the selected managed hosting platform and providing them with the necessary information and assets to move the site from the old host

Setup page caching (WP Rocket)
Implementing a new plugin tool to the site and configuring it to the site for best performance

Setup server-level caching (SiteGround SuperCacher & similar)
Accessing the server and configuring the site to include the caching support

Removal of unneeded plugins
Reviewing all current installed plugin on the site and having our developers determine what is necessary and what can be removed to free space and make the site more secure

Server & Database

Server Mangement

Block/limit access to site by IP address (.htaccess edit)
Writing custom blocking IP code in the internal .htaccess folder

Setup password to access site (.htaccess edit)
Accessing the .htaccess folder through the backend of the website and creating a new user and password

Setup cron job
Accessing the cPanel and configuring the cron job to the specified request

Setup SSH keypair
Accessing terminal and creating a new SSH key and then uploading that to your site directory

Zip or unzip files on server
Gather all necessary files and compress them into a secure .zip file
Unzip the specified folder and place files onto the server

Move files from one folder to another
Gathering specified files and transferring them to a specified location

Retrieve media files disconnected from WordPress media manager
Accessing backend database files and locating the specified media file, re-upload that file to the destined server file

Database Management

Find & replace
Locating specific words, characters, or symbols and removing them or replacing them

Fix database connection
Debugging the database disconnection issue and accessing the .wp-config file to re-establish a connection

Import or export database
Accessing the server backend through phpMyAdmin, downloading the existing database and exporting it to a specified location
Accessing the server backend through phpMyAdmin, uploading existing database files and ensuring they are connecting properly

Optimize database
Reviewing the database files and cleaning up unused/outdated files, run optimize based tools to compress files, reviewing database for areas of improvement/optimization

Find content disconnected from WordPress frontend
Accessing the backend website database and reviewing folders for hidden content and files, then re-uploading them to front end database files

Hosting, DNS, and Staging Setup

Leaving you web developer checklist
Checklist reviewing necessary website information, or if requested, custom site audit and asset audit

Migration of site from old host to new host
Site backup, install, and configuration, including DNS setup and propagation

Assist with migration of domain registration
Assistance with the communication and the process of migrating a domain from one registrar to another

Setup staging server
Backup and full install of your current site on a fresh staging server

DNS configuration:
Setup and configuration of the Domain Name Service on the domain registrar

Email configuration
Setup of MX records and mail server system

Email migration
Moving one email account from one email host to another with full configuration

Setup daily backups
Installing and configuring the WP site with external services to download full site backups and store them daily

Setup uptime monitoring
Installing and configuring external services to monitor the WP site 24/7

Setup DNS change monitoring
Installing and configuring external services to monitor the domain registrar service 24/7

Setup server-space monitoring (don’t run out of space!)
Installing and configuring external service to monitor server side space 24/7

Administrative Updates

Troubleshoot upload issues
Testing different file types and sizes then reviewing database information to ensure correct configuration and connection

Setup redirects
Add redirects through the control panel of the site and test functionality

Bulk image optimization
Compressing file size and optimizing images for webview in mass

Add or update favicon
Implementing a favicon image to the sites core information

Move or edit files on the server
Accessing the backend and database of the website and directly modify the images on the server

Marketing Support

Content Updates

Add a post or update a blog entry
Creating a new post and implementing the content with formatting
Or updating an existing post and editing the content within

Create or update a page
Creating a new page and publishing it to the live site
Or accessing an existing page to edit the content within and publish the changes live

Upload and post an image
Downloading and uploading content directly to the post or implementing it through the media file

Crop or light photo manipulation
Downloading the media file and editing it with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop until the correct display is captured

Setup image gallery
Implementing a custom plugin and uploading and configuring all the media files to the media folder to display

Edit author, category, and tags
Changing the original post author, category, or adding tags to the post

Setup redirection rules
Accessing the backend website configuration and adding redirect rules to the .htaccess folder

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Audit and recommendations preparation
Site review of KeyWords, meta descriptions, post and page titles, H1 and H2 titles, tag, author, and categories
Recommended list of action items to increase organic search and search engine rankings

Install and setup Yoast SEO plugin
Installing and configuring Yoast SEO plugin to the site

Prepare “before” and “after” report
Taking an audit report from when we first get the task
Creating a new audit report when we finish implementing our recommendations

Install SSL
Implementing the SSL certificate into the site. Configuring the mixed http content to https

Write and update meta keywords for a page (price by the 5 page bundle)
Reviewing the site content and keywords and implementing meta description keywords based off that information

Write and update image names and descriptions (price by the 5 images bundle)
Reviewing the site images and target keywords and implementing the best fit keywords to the image descriptions

Check Google SpeedInsights list and Site Review
Reviewing the site SEO report through SEO tools to look for gaps, errors, or weak descriptive areas and optimizing the site to deliver the content faster

Analytics & Tracking

Setup and install Google Analytics
Creating a Google Analytics code and implementing the code to the header.php file of the website
Estimated time: 15 minutes

Setup site-specific goal tracking (funnel, time on site, getting to thank you page, other “KPIs”)
Walkthrough configuration of visitor actions, configuring goal variables, and implementing the actions live

Setup weekly or monthly emailed custom traffic/goal report
Accessing the Admin configuration of the specified campaign and configuring it to send notifications on a specified basis

Setup CrazyEgg on-page heatmap tracking
Implementing unique CrazyEgg HTML code into the the header code of the website

Setup Social Warfare
Setup and configuration of the Social Warfare Social Sharing plugin on the website

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) / User Engagement

Make site mobile friendly (from plugin to custom dev)
Implementing responsive design software and configuring it to the site and content
Rebuilding the website pages to incorporate responsive design in it’s architecture to display proportionally across any device

Connect site to CRM (Hubspot, SalesForce, Pardot)
Implementing the CRM API key to the website and configuring the CRM options

Setup landing page Call To Action
Designing and developing a custom built landing page and Call To Action
Implementing CRM tools for the CTA or landing page

Setup donation form
Implementing a payment collection tool and content into a specified webpage

Setup email marketing signup form
Implementing an email input form and configuring it to send to your contact client list or specified CRM

Setup Live Chat widget
Implementing a 3rd party Live Chat tool and configuring it to your website and notification system

Setup e-commerce up-sells and cross-sells
Adding additional e-commerce product display areas of related products, recently bought products, or other specified product information to product pages

Setup cart recovery
Implementing cookie based cart tracking history tools and configuring them to the website

Setup coupon system
Adding an additional field of information entry on the ‘Cart’ or ‘Checkout’ page and configuring it to provide price discounts from specified responses

User flow / bounce rate analysis and recommendations (find the “dead ends” within the site).
Site user experience audit report, both analytical and first hand, and providing a list of recommended implementations to increase visitor engagement

Setup A/B Conversion Test (different text, colors, messaging, images, etc., for effectiveness)
Utilizing Google Optimization tools and implementing a conversion test based off of the current site and a recommended change
A full detailed report of the two different sites visitors experienced and recommended actions based off that information