Create “The Package”

Value Proposition is marketing lingo for what you do differently and better than your competitors. “The Package” is military lingo for a nuclear warhead. This is that powerful! So think of your Value Proposition as “The Package” that ALL of your marketing needs to deliver. Here’s how it works:

Learn about your competition. Learn about what they do well and what they do poorly. Learn about what they do well because to succeed you will need to be at least as good as they are. Learn what they do poorly because that is where opportunity lives.

Then once you understand your competitors, articulate what you do DIFFERENTLY and BETTER than they do. This is hard. Like the game of go, the question takes a second to ask and a lifetime to answer. But your Value Proposition is the most important part of your brand.  It’s the reason people buy your products or hire you.

Deploy “The Package”

If you look at marketing this way, it’s simple. Advertising is just the way you deliver  “The Package”.

Sure there is more to it. You need to know your tools. PPC Ads, Social Ads, Social Media Pages, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Banner Ads, E-mail Campaigns, YouTube Video, TV Ads, Radio Ads, Direct Mail… the options are staggering. And you need to know how to use your your tools.

We are in the golden era of entrepreneurship. Never in the history of the world has it been easier to start a business and never in the history of the world has there been more tools to market your business and never in the history of the world have there been more customers for you to market to.

Collect Data And Adjust

It literally is this simple: Create “The Package”, Deploy “The Package”, analyze the data and adjust “The Package”. Then redeploy, analyze and adjust again and again and again. Once it gets dialed in, acquiring new customers is just math. Increase your spend and get new customers. It’s literally that simple and you can market on your own terms.

Marketing is an iterative process. You need to continuously deploy, look at the data and adjust. You start with your best guess at what your customers want – then, as your budget allows, learn, adjusts and deploy “The Package” again and and again to learn about what your customers REALLY want.

It’s not fast, its not cheap and it’s not easy, but once your marketing is dialed in, it’s pretty darn close to printing money.