Step one is ALWAYS the landscape analysis. To build a solid foundation we need to understand the competitive landscape, so we carefully research your target market, see who your competitors are and learn what they do well and what they do poorly. We need to know what your competitors do well because you need to be at least as good as they are and knowing what they do poorly lets us spot opportunity and low hanging fruit.

Often our clients tell us they know who their competitors are. This is a red flag, unless they are seasoned marketers. It’s not about who YOU think your competitors are, it’s about who your CUSTOMERS think your competitors are.

This is why we also interview your clients/customers. Not only do we learn who your REAL competitors are, but also learn about their tastes and preferences which allows us to build a better performing website.


What is it that you do differently and BETTER than your competition?

“Outstanding Customer Service” doesn’t count. EVERYONE says that.

Strategy and messaging is the most important part of content creation and the part that even seasoned professionals often don’t seem to understand. And it’s hard.

Defining your messaging strategy is a lot like the game of GO. It is a question that takes a second to ask and a lifetime to answer. But don’t be intimidated, just 2% better is enough, you don’t have to be a million times better, just better.

If you can articulate what it is that you do differently and BETTER than your competition, marketing your brand is just about getting this message in front of as many people as possible, and never in the history of the world have we had more people on the planet or the sophisticated tools to get your messaging in front of them.


Once you have your strategic roadmap, you need to apply it to every bit of communication your organization produces. Web Pages, Print Collateral, Articles, Blog Posts, Interviews, the list goes on and on. Every single word that your organization writes should propel your customers towards your “shameless” goal. Be it selling products, selling services, getting donations, acquiring volunteers.

But paying someone in India $8/hr to write for you can demolish your brand. Sure they will bring traffic to your website, but if the page that these new visitors land on does not reflect the quality of your expertise, that person will NEVER come back again and your current customers/clients will begin to doubt your credibility.

This is why every word that your customers see should reflect the quality of your organization and the strategic messaging of your brand.

Image Curation and Enhancement

Never before in the history fo the world have we had so many high quality and inexpensive images at our disposal. But the challenge is finding the right one. The purpose of most imagery is NOT to explain, but to define the quality of your organization.

Because of this, you should prioritize great looking images. But for each great stock photo there are ten terrible ones. This is why you need someone with an eye for great imagery and the skills to make adjustments – color correction, retouching, cropping – to help so that the images you use are absolutely perfect for your organization.


Of course the absolute best way to get the PERFECT image is to create it yourself. If resources permit, we can set up photoshoots with world class talent. Models, Photographers, Stylists, Hair and Makeup, etc…

You can literally visit the Imagista website and pick any photographer, model, stylist and/or makeup artist and we can set up a shoot. If you want someone else, we can source portfolios and reach out in your behalf and negotiate the very best rates.

The most important part of any website, brochure or ad is the imagery, because if the imagery is not absolutely perfect no one will ever listen to what you have to say. A terrible image will destroy your brand and lower your prices but a great image will explode sales.

Video Production

The perfect blend of storytelling and promotion will maximize your marketing dollars. We’re not talking infomercials either, we’re talking about compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your organization come to life online.

To do this, requires a balance between art and marketing strategy, to bring you real measurable results.

This is not something that any one person can do well and coordinating all of this takes experience. But video done well is an amazing thing. An amazing video can put you light years ahead of your competition. We are located in Los Angeles where the very best production talent in the world is and we can put together a video that will make your customers drool and your competitors run for the hills.

Influencer Marketing and Content Amplification

Having great content but no means to get it out in the world is like dressing up in an Armani suit and stying home on Friday night.

We have a massive influencer database. As with photo and video, you can literally go to Imagista our influencer arm and pick any one you see and if resources permit we can arrange for them to be anything from a spokesperson for your brand to sending out a flurry of social media posts. Additionally Imagista has relationships with literally hundreds of Publicists, so we can make introductions and help guide you to the right person or team to get your brand and messaging out.

Never in the history of the world have we had more resources to get you message in front of this many people.