The Wall Of Kindness


While I was on vacation, Becka called to check in and make sure all my projects were taken care of so I could easily relax while away.



Trine identified something in an email from management that singled me out and she didn’t think it was very kind so she, of her own accord, contacted management about it. It made me feel like she had my back and it was a very kind thing to do.



Martin took time out of his day to help train me on how to make some particular web edits (something I didn’t know how to do.)

I always appreciate his willingness to help me learn new things.



when I was traveling in New Orleans, Konan gave me a lot of great tips about where I should visit. That really stands out in my mind. But it’s not really work-related.

– Alex


David for including me in a new processes meeting. It made me feel very seen, heard, and valued. I enjoyed being able to share a portion of my past experience to help streamline things within the Bureau. That feeling is empowering and under no circumstances did I have to be heard or included for that matter.



Becka called me and talked to me for an hour when my dog was horribly killed in a car accident. She had lost her dogs twice in the past and she gave me a great advice on how to cope with the situation. It’s because of her advice that I have my George & Michael now.