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Artful Moments for Your Mood and Mind

Mellow is an innovative app that infuses busy days with a sense of joyful calm and inspiration. Mellow automatically learns users’ tastes and preferences, delivering tailor-made artwork directly to their phones.

Spend a few easy, peaceful moments immersed in art from museums around the world and discover art to love by up-and-coming international artists. We present art that anyone can use to affect their mood or mind. So, relax and appreciate the present or find visual inspiration to be uplifted. Mellow has collections of art just for you.

Mellow learns your preferences and intelligently matches art to your unique taste and preferences. Mellow sends you new works of art every day and you can also explore, discover, and view art at any time with your own personal museum on your mobile phone.vWith Mellow you are in control. FOLLOW your favorite artists to enjoy their work anytime.

RATE your favorite art so the app gets smarter.

Give Yourself a Break with Mellow