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Wholeberry Makes The Most Nutritious, Tropical Delicious, Low Calorie, Healthy “Anywhere” Snack!

Grown in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia, the passion fruit is a popular local snack that is nutrient rich, low in calories with a sweetly tart unique flavor. Packed with vitamins and powerful natural antioxidants, our dried passion fruit it is the perfect “anytime” snack food for every health-conscious person.

Wholeberry is a US based, family owned and operated “healthy” food company that is dedicated to sell only the earths organically grown, immunity boosting, robust vitamin packed fruits to people everywhere. Our team of farmers and cultivators carefully hand pick only the ripest perfect fruits from the vine and immediately wash and sort them before they go through the drying process. Each dried passion fruit round is a soft, chewy tropical experience. Every bite is a burst of sun-kissed, sweet tangy mouth-watering freshness that leaves you wanting more.

Eating our dried passion fruit as a snack, in your favorite beverages or as a unique addition to any menu, will bring that special taste of the tropics to your table. It is truly one of natures most perfect health foods available.