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The World’s Leading Authority On Kindness

Science is the foundation and heartbeat of Our lived experience tells us intuitively that kindness is good, but only with an understanding of our inner psychological workings and sociological dynamics can we activate kindness for its greatest efficacy and impact. is committed to open, interdisciplinary, and collaborative research that draws on the best of social, behavioral, and life sciences, so that we build the most effective solutions for a kinder world, and educate others to do the same. will continue learning what works and improve their recommendations accordingly. believes that creating a kinder world takes all of us, so they’re committed to empowering anyone, anywhere in the world, to choose kindness often and effectively. packages the findings using insights from their research to create programs, toolkits, sharable content, and other materials to allow anyone to activate and bring kindness to where they live and work. We all have the capacity to choose kindness – we want to make it an easy choice.