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Only 28 people worldwide have had a brain-computer interface, all of them Blackrock.

The Blackrock team combines the worlds most accomplished scientists, researchers, engineers and technical visionaries who are passionate about enabling the restoration and enhancement of sight, auditory, speech and movement through their groundbreaking technology.

Blackrock is the first and only company to have their brain-computer interface
clinical solutions in use today impacting lives around the world. Our company is laser focused on advancing BCI clinical applications for the benefit of people everywhere.

Their research and technology continues to be at the forefront of what’s possible with BCI. Their path forward is to advance and expand their proven scientific outcomes and achieve quantifiable impact to millions of people worldwide. Blackrock are the first and only company to make BCI innovations work in humans today. To them, this is just the beginning of what is possible.

Blackrock is globally recognized as the leader in BCI clinical applications . Their stellar reputation stems from a scientific team of exceptional visionaries who challenge every boundary, their relentless pursuit of attaining new breakthrough discoveries, and most importantly, the human lives that they positively impact around the world.

Blackrock are leading the world in BCI innovations.