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Platform: Shopify

Framework: Full Custom Build

Techstack: Liquid


2.27 second load time

75% increase in conversion

12% bounce rate

For The Love Of Cats!

With 30 years of working with cats in homes, shelters, and on TV – Jackson Galaxy is your guide through the world of cats! A full understanding of their world, total wellness, and a stronger bond between you is all right here.

From health and wellness Solutions, to toys and cat supplies, Jackson Galaxy takes the guesswork out of shopping for your cat! Working with tens of thousands of cats has given Jackson a unique insight into who they are and what they need to be their happiest! With that in mind, he’s curated and created the best products for your cat.

The Jackson Galaxy team trusted the Bureau of Small Projects to build a custom Shopify website to optimize the massive catalog of cat products under the prestigious and influential Jackson Galaxy umbrella.

Jackson Galaxy started his career in animal shelters and rescue will always be the priority. Jackson Galaxy donates a percentage of proceeds from each JG product purchase to helping cats in need.